Pre-Purchase & Hull Condition Surveys

The most comprehensive type of survey undertaken is a pre-purchase survey which involves a full inspection of the vessel and its equipment, including the basic machinery. This survey is commonly used to evaluate a vessel prior to purchase, but the survey will also satisfy marine insurers and banks when a valuation is required for reinsurance.

Hunter Consulting & Survey Services can thoroughly inspect the boat, her machinery, service systems and equipment, to find, as far as practical, her condition, quality and any faults as defined under the established rules & laws of American Boat & Yacht Council, Code of Federal Regulations, National Fire protection Association, and other governing bodies.

Machinery installations, auxiliary and ancillary equipment, gas, and other service systems, electronic equipment, pumping and plumbing, sanitation system, navigational aids and other sundry items will be visually inspected only. An oil analysis is recommended, but is forwarded to an outside laboratory for testing for an additional charge.

Any estimates of value given will be arrived at by studying the average current market value of similar boats and adjusting this figure to reflect the condition of the boat at the time of survey and any market conditions as prescribed under the American Society of Appraisers and the Uniform Principles of Appraisal Practice.

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